Rental Terms & Conditions

1) Mission statement

a. To rent out Citroen 2CVs and to provide our customers the ultimate holiday experience by driving a nostalgic car.
b. To spend part of the profits to charity at Curacao, with the goal to pay attention to and educate people about the importance of not spoiling (drinking-)water and keeping the (sea-) water clean.

2) General rental terms and conditions

a. Everyone age 23 and above and in possession of a valid driver’s license for at least one year is allowed to rent a 2CV;
b. The 2CV’s are not allowed to leave the island;
c. Every hirer signs the Rental Agreement and the General Terms and Conditions document.
d. The rental payments can be made upon picking up the 2CV by cash, credit card (5% credit card fee extra) or bank card. One can pay in Euro’s, US Dollars or Antillean Guilders.
e. Bank details Ducks United Curacao:
Banco di Caribe 307143
t.n.v. Tendas Lodge B.V. Curaçao
Swift code: BDCCCWCU
f. The hirer has to leave a guarantee deposit of €500 when the car is delivered. This will be done by reserving the amount of €500 on the credit card of the hirer. In case the hirer does not want or is not able to use a credit card, the guarantee deposit can be left in cash. The €500 will be returned when the car is redelivered without any damage or theft.
g. Ducks United must be in possession of a copy of the hirer´s valid driver´s license AND passport before delivery of the car. Additionally, the driver will provide Ducks United Curacao with an email address and a mobile phone number which can be used to contact the hirer during the rental period;
h. One rental day is 24 hours.The cars will only be rented out per day.
i. The 2CV’s are located at Coral Estate, Rif St. Marie, Curacao.
j. The 2CV’s can be brought to and picked up at any location on the island, including the airport, by Ducks United at an additional charge of EUR 15 one way. If Ducks United has to deliver the duck at the airport, your flight and arrival details, and a mobile phone number must be known to us beforehand.
k. The 2CVs are delivered in good technical condition and are well maintained. However, if due to a technical problem the 2CV is no longer operational, Ducks United will come over and fix the problem or provide a replacement 2CV as soon as possible. In case no 2CV is available, another rental car will be provided.
l. All 2CVs have Limited Liability insurance, inclusive of accident and injury insurance for the driver and passengers.

3) Booking and cancellations policy

a. If, due to fault of the hirer, the hirer cannot make use of the Rental Agreement after signing it, the hirer is obliged, and hereby agrees to be obliged, to pay the full rental amount as confirmed when making the reservation;
b. Potential hirers can book a free option on a 2CV for the period of one day. After this day the option expires;
c. After confirmation of the booking, cancellation is only possible free of charge if (i) the cancellation is made more than 4 weeks in advance of the rental period, and (ii) provided that such cancellation is received by us within 2 weeks after the booking confirmation.

4) Use of a 2CV

a. The hirer must treat the 2CV in a careful manner. This means observing the capabilities of the 2CV. The hirer is aware of the fact that this car was built in an era when safety regulations where less stringent. For example, the car does not have airbags, reinforced doors or roll bars;
b. On delivery, Ducks United will provide clear instructions to the hirer.
c. In order to limit the risk of accidents at night, the hirer agrees not to use the car between 03:00 am and 06:00 am.
d. The hirer always has to use the by Ducks United delivered steering lock when parking and leaving the car.
e. The hirer always has to take out the front of the car radio/cd player when parking and leaving the car.
f. The car may not be parked on the following times and locations:
– After sunset at deserted beaches and viewpoints
– After sunset at the non-guarded parking lot at Mambo Bach.
g. The driver must adhere to the applicable Curacao traffic regulations;
h. The hirer is responsible to ensure that any driver has a valid driver´s license, and that they are physically and mentally fit to drive the vehicle;
i. The hirer is responsible for appropriate car seats for children. Ducks United can rent you one for 2,50 Euros per day / 10 Euros per week..
j. A Citroen 2CV can accommodate a maximum of 4 (adult) occupants or two adults and three children (under the age of 16).;
k. The hirer is prohibited from renting or lending the 2CV to third parties;
l. The hirer is prohibited from participating in races, competitions, car games or other similar activities;
m. Transportation of pets in the vehicle is allowed, on the condition that the necessary precautions have been taken to prevent damage to the vehicle and animal;
n. The hirer agrees to keep all liquids and the tire pressure at the required levels. The 2CV´s use Super fuel;
o. Mileage is unlimited. The hirer agrees to fill up the fuel tank as it was when delivered/picked up, before returning the car. In case the tank was not filled up, the costs of the fuel (per liter) and extra costs of €5,00 will be charged.
p. Ducks United reserves the right to terminate the Rental Agreement without legal intervention if they discover circumstances during the rental period that, had they previously been aware of them, would have invalidated this agreement;
q. The hirer agrees to impose the obligations and restrictions of these terms and conditions to the driver, passengers and other users of the vehicle, and to ensure that they comply with them.

5) Insurance Excess / own-risk

a. The hirer agrees to a maximum insurance excess / own-risk of 500 Euros per individual claim, damage or accident.
This excess can be reduced to 50 Euros. The costs of reducing the own risk are 40 Euros for a rental period of 1 to 4 days and after that 5 Euros per extra rented day. This has to be paid in cash, with credit card (5% credit card fee extra) or debit card upon delivery and can be paid in Euros, US Dollars or Antillean Guilders.
b. The liability for damage to the roof of the duck cannot be bought off.
c. It is the responsibility of the hirer to immediately report any damages made to the car. In case of damage, the hirer agrees to pay the applicable excess amount upon redelivery of the car.
d. Notwithstanding the provisions of clause a. of this article 6, the excess is unlimited and the hirer is fully liable for damage in the event one or more of the following circumstances apply:
i. Gross negligence or misconduct of the hirer or driver,
ii. Damage caused with permission of the hirer or driver, or with their intention,
iii. Unauthorized rental or lending to a third party,
iv. Damage or theft caused while driving between 3:00 am and 6:00 am.
v. The car was parked and left at one of the times and locations mentioned in article 4)f.
vi. The roof of the car is damaged.
vii. The front of the car radio/cd player was not taken out of the car when it was parked and left. The hirer has to give the front of the car radio/cd player to the Ducks United Curacao in case of theft of the car radio/cd player.
viii. The steering lock was not used while the car was parked and left. The hirer has to give the keys of the steering lock to Ducks United Curacao in case of theft of the car.
In the above mentioned clauses the hirer is liable for all repair- and associated costs to Ducks United.

6) In the event of damage

a. The hirer is required and agrees to return the vehicle in its original state (as delivered to him or her). The delivery condition of the vehicle is examined and agreed between hirer and Ducks United at the start of the rental period;
b. If the hirer suspects that there is a defect which has not been noted at the handover, he/she is obliged to contact Ducks United as soon as possible;
c. Ducks United cannot be held responsible for loss or theft of any possessions from the vehicle whilst it is in the possession of the hirer.
d. Ducks United cannot be held responsible for (the consequences of) damage to goods transported with the vehicle.
e. Ducks United has arranged for a valid accident and injury insurance for the driver and passengers. However, in the case of personal injury to driver or passengers during the rental period as result of an accident or incident, the hirer agrees that the driver or passengers first claim under their own health insurance coverage;
f. In the event of damage to, or defect of, the vehicle, the vehicle may not be used if this will further damage the vehicle or reduce road traffic safety;
g. In the event of damage or an event which can cause damage, the hirer is obliged:
i. To immediately inform Ducks United Curacao by telephone and to follow our instructions,
ii. To supply Ducks United or its insurer with all requested and unrequested relevant information and records in relation to the incident or accident,
iii. To supply us with a fully completed and signed damage notification form within 48 hours,
iv. Not to admit any form of guilt or liability,
v. Not to abandon the vehicle without having thoroughly protected it from the risk of (further) damage or theft.
vi. To provide Ducks United and persons appointed by Ducks United with all requested assistance in obtaining any damage compensation from third parties or their insurers, and/or helping with the defense against claims from third parties or their insurers.

7) Repairs and technical support

a. Necessary repair costs during the rental period to ensure the proper operation and safety of the car are at the expense of Ducks United;
b. Repairs can only take place with the explicit permission of Ducks United;
c. Ducks United will provide technical support if necessary. Ducks United is obliged to do their utmost to help the hirer as soon as possible.
d. If it is not possible to drive any further with the vehicle due to a (hidden) defect which already existed at the start of the agreement, the hirer is entitled to replacement transportation. If driving any further is not possible due to any other circumstances, the hirer is not entitled to replacement transportation. However, in such case Ducks United will, on a best reasonable efforts basis, attempt to make replacement transportation available;
e. In any case, the hirer must contact Ducks United as soon as possible in order to search for a solution;
f. Ducks United is not responsible or liable for any other damage or consequence of the impossibility to drive any further caused by a defect.

8) Government imposed fines and measures

a. All government imposed fines and (consequences of) measures in relation to the possession and/or use of the vehicle, are for the expense of the hirer, unless they originate from faults or defects that already existed at the beginning of the rental period. These fines and measures include, but are not limited to, speeding tickets, parking fines, tow-away costs, impounding costs, any penalties and measures as result of driving under the influence of alcohol, etcetera;
b. If such Government imposed fines and measures are charged to Ducks United, they can be recharged to the hirer during a one year period after the date of this agreement. Ducks United is entitled to charge an administration fee of 25 Euros.

9) Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism is nothing more than travelling with consideration for the environment, people, nature and culture, in order to facilitate further travel for others in the future. Ducks United encourages this and values nature greatly.
Please take this into account. Be respectful of your surroundings, nature and the environment.

10) Mediation and dispute resolution

a. Mediation and dispute resolution is only applicable in the event of a dispute about the explanation or execution of these terms and conditions and will be decided by a third party;
b. Mediation: In the event of a dispute, Ducks United can present this dispute in a written document to a mutually agreed mediation body;
c. Dispute resolution: The provision of mediation does not prohibit taking the dispute to court.

11) Applicable law

The rental agreement will always be governed by Dutch law.