Duck Team Curacao

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The duck team on Curaçao consists of Hester van Velzen and Geert Net. Together  with their two children, Pleun and Ot, in 2010 they moved  from Amsterdam to  Curaçao to start up ‘ Ducks United Curacao ‘. A very good decision!

 After studying Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam Hester  always worked in the television world and after his study Marketing Management at  Hogeschool Holland Geert started in the recruitment business.  But their dream  was to have their own business together and preferably on a sunny island. And the  dream came true!!

 Geert does the maintenance of the ducks, has a lot of contact with the tenants and  together with Hester he is busy with the marketing. Hester is busy mailing with  (potential) duck drivers, making reservations and  answering questions and she  makes sure the ducks are nice and clean and deals with the administration and  book keeping.

 Who knows we will meet at Dushi Korsow!